Blindsided playlists

I thought I’d whip up a quick post with links to a couple of playlists I created in iTunes as a follow up to this previous post back in December 2010, ‘Some of my writing playlists‘, but iTunes appear to have totally destroyed that facility. So, instead, you’ll just have to do with a screenshot

A problem shared…

This is the first post in a while. I hit a wall with the novel and when that happens everything else writing related takes a hit too. I’m about a third of the way through my third novel, ‘Blindsided’, and had no idea where else to go even though I had the general structure done

Getting back on it.

This weekend I’ve finally cracked open the laptop and written some more of my 3rd novel. This is after about a 2 month lay-off. (Ironic since my last post was about improving my productivity). Why? Real life getting in the way. Nothing drastic going on but I found my creative energies and focus were being