I Don’t Have an Agent but I’d Like One

This is one of those Ronseal blog posts, it does exactly what it says in the title.

A short cry into the literary world ether – I have no agent but I would like one.

I have a 3 book deal with Headline Accent with the three books already written (HOW WE GOT TO TODAY plus the two I’ve previously self-published which will be re-released; IN A RIGHT STATE (2021) and BROKEN BRANCHES (2022). These are due to be published in paperback and ebook form only.

I’m hoping there’s the opportunity to rake in huge commissions* from foreign sales, movie rights, translations, audio books, Booker prize money, etc.

Also, I’m due to start a 4th novel which will, of course, be genre and era defining**.

I can provide my existing contract and point you in the direction of some literary bods for a reference.


*massive exaggeration, technically a lie in most countries.

** could probably earn a custodial sentence in a lot of countries due to its extreme falseness.