Talking About Rejections

Read an interesting blog post by  Heather Trese entitled ‘Should Writers Talk About Their Rejections?‘ after seeing it retweeted by @dirtywhitecandy on Twitter. This caught my interest because I painstakingly detail all my rejections here. I mainly do this for a personal record but intentionally because I’ve never seen any other writer do it. The

‘Broken Branches’ Cooking on Gas Mark 5…Finally!

After a few false starts, some dodgy decisions, mundane storylines, awkwardly plotted ideas, cardboard characters and directionless dialogue…everything’s all tickity-boo on the ‘Broken Branches’ first draft front. Trimmed down the characters, shuffled some scenes, deleted others, got my head down, wrestled with this sucker and now I’m halfway through Chapter 7, pretty happy with it