Music as a Pavlovian Starting Gun

I’ve written before about my writing routine (10 years ago, Jesus!), which hasn’t change that much to be fair. I wanted to highlight how I use certain albums or playlists as a soundtrack and listen to it EVERYTIME I’m writing and contributing to that particular piece of work, so much that it becomes ingrained and

Getting and Receiving Script Notes

You’ve written a screenplay, now what? You need some feedback. You’ve been locked inside your own mind trying to piece this thing together, linking plot lines, character arcs, hitting all those hero journey points (the ones you miss are to ensure your underground, indie hit breaks a few rules), wondering whether you’ve written a 3,

The Message – Logline

I’ve recently finished the latest (3rd) draft of THE MESSAGE, my WWII escape feature film script, and have sent it off to 3 readers for feedback. I have a self-imposed deadline of the beginning of April to get the next draft completed so I can go to the London Screenwriters Festival with a completed script