Music as a Pavlovian Starting Gun

I’ve written before about my writing routine (10 years ago, Jesus!), which hasn’t change that much to be fair.

I wanted to highlight how I use certain albums or playlists as a soundtrack and listen to it EVERYTIME I’m writing and contributing to that particular piece of work, so much that it becomes ingrained and instills a Pavlovian response in me, getting me immediately into the right headspace to continue from where I’ve left off.

For my current writing project, ‘The Message‘ (a feature film script), I’ve used ‘The Sunday Gift’ by Blue Daisy as my default album.

The album is dark, mysterious and angry in places which helps to get my head into the right frame of mind to write about escaping from a concentration camp.

Having an album or playlist like this does save a lot of procrastination…mostly. As soon as I hit the play button, I’m in. It’s hitting the play button straight away that’s hard.

Once this album’s finished, then I move onto this playlist.

If Blue Daisy and UNKLE ever do an album together, then I’ll be writing my best work. Get it together, boys.