HOW WE GOT TO TODAY Press Conferences

I totally forgot to post these up on here because I thought they’d rip through the viralsphere like Covid at a house party, but I should’ve known better. The single-figured viewing figures are just me checking it’s uploaded correctly and working.

I’m only reminded of these because I got a random email from Youtube saying someone had commented on one. Thanks Colin! You’re obviously a gentleman, scholar and an esteemed connoisseur of cheaply made and poorly performed marketing gimmicks disguised as comedy videos.

I made a series of web videos where I’m holding a football-style press conference for the upcoming weeks book chart. Through the miracle of iMovie voice changing, I also pose as a variety of posh, double-barrelled, literary critics asking the questions.

It’s total hilarity and an absolute marketing dud, but kept me amused during the second lockdown. It also allowed me to add ‘Film Editor’ to my CV.

You don’t see Rushdie demeaning himself like this.