Hi, I am Ben Ellis. I am an imposter in the worlds of novel writing and screenwriting.

Why is one of those two words yet the other is only one word?

I don’t know because I am an imposter.

Prepare yourself. What follows is a moody, black and white author photo.

I live in Worthing, West Sussex, UK with my wife, son and step-son. I work in the glamorous world of ‘factory work’. I run, swim and play football and tennis to neutralise the chocolate and junk food.

I have to work hard to avoid and neglect the above to write, for little enjoyment and no money.

I used to hate homework and now I have self-imposed homework everyday, set by myself with no end or reward in sight.

It’s a Sisyphean task.

(I don’t know what that means).

Of course, I do. How would I know to use it in the correct context if I didn’t know what it meant?

I’m willing to lie to invite a half-arsed smirk; the lowest denomination in the currency of ‘Audience Appreciation’. The highest being a ‘standing ovation’ which only just beats ‘we apologise for the volume of complaints received’.

(Although, I did have to search the word Sisyphean on Dictionary.com to spell it correctly.)

Does that make me a liar or a writer?

(Am I using these brackets in the correct way? Don’t ask me about semi-colons, colons, hyphens and other grammatical stuff – I’m seriously pro-copyeditors.)

I am an imposter.