Hi, I am Ben Ellis. I’m a writer and have currently written 3 novels, two feature film screenplays and a TV sitcom pilot.

I enjoy daydreaming about my next writing project because it’s an untainted, beautiful ethereal creature, unlike the rank, unwieldy nightmare I’m currently working on.

Here is a photo of me a microsecond after you inform me of a plothole, unbelievable character motivation or a dumb, totally unfair negative review on Amazon.

I live in Worthing, West Sussex, UK with my wife, son and step-son.

If you want to find out a bit more about me, then check out these articles;

I’ve also been on the radio a few times talking about my novel, HOW WE GOT TO TODAY;



HOW WE GOT TO TODAY – the third novel I have written but the first to be traditionally published, released by Headline Accent in September 2020. Read some blog posts about it here and here (when it was originally called ‘Blindsided’).

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IN A RIGHT STATE – the first novel I wrote and then self-published in 2014. You can read the blog posts here.

Paperback and ebook – BUY on Amazon

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BROKEN BRANCHES – the second novel I’ve written and then self-published in 2018. You can read the blog posts here.

Paperback and ebook – BUY on Amazon

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THE MESSAGE – my second feature film screenplay set in WWII Germany. 90 pages.

After his family is killed in The Blitz, a British soldier accepts a suicide mission to infiltrate the Nazi atomic bomb program only to discover The Holocaust, now he must escape Germany and tell the world.

Genre: War Film – World War II – Escape & Holocaust.

Unsold and available. Contact me.

ROW Z – my first screenwriting project, a feature film about an amateur football team. 120 pages.

I have now rewritten this as a TV 6 parter, well, the pilot episode is written and the next 5 are mapped out.

Uprooted from home, a semi-pro footballer searches for friendship in a ragtag team of misfits, staking his business start-up loan on entering a tournament they’ll never win – a fact he neglects to tell his girlfriend.

Genre: Comedy/Drama – Sports Film – Football

Unsold and available. Contact me.

SKUNKWORKS – my current project which is an half hour TV sitcom set on the fringes of UK government.