Fecal Evacuations

I’ve nearly finished the 4th draft of my novel ‘Railroaded’, in it a character has a touch of the runs or ‘diarrhea’.  Now my middle school spelling tests have deserted me and I spelt it so badly that the Word spell check had no idea what word I was trying to spell so couldn’t offer

Why B3n3llis.com?

In a word; domain squatting twats. That’s 3 words but you get my meaning.  When looking for a domain name I obviously checked out www.benellis.com first which is already very capably occupied by Ben Ellis, film director.  Top marks to that esteemed member of the Ben Ellis community. My next visit was www.benellis.co.uk which has

The Ubiquitous Awkward First Post

Let’s get this thing over with shall we? The creation of this blog is to serve as a dumping ground for any writing that I do and anything that stems from it.  At the moment that just consists of this blog, which if you think about it too hard sends you into an infinite downward