‘Blindsided’ sent out to Beta Readers

blindsided-betaAs you can see, I’ve produced some printed versions of my latest novel, ‘Blindsided‘, to give to beta readers. I’ve also put together a PDF version to give to those beta readers who prefer ebooks and to email readers overseas.

I’ve got 10 beta readers so far. I may get a couple more, but I think 10 is a good round number. 5 men and 5 women. 3 over 60 yrs old and 7 between 25-40 yrs old. 2 x American and 8 x English.

I’ve written an introductory page telling them what to focus on (character, story, awkward phrasing, etc) and what not to focus on (spelling, grammar, layout, etc) plus I’ve added 6 questions at the end which are specific points I want answered in case they don’t address them in their feedback (If you want to see this introductory piece and extra questions then add a comment and I’ll blog about it).

This is all purely reader feedback, different from a critique you’d get from an editor, but still essential. This is the first time anyone, except me, will have read it. Is it interesting, does it make sense? These are all fundamental questions regular readers can answer. Number 1: did you finish it?

Some beta readers are new ones I’ve picked up over the past couple of years while the others are readers I’ve asked before and they’ve given good, constructive feedback.

So there it is. ‘Blindsided’ leaves my laptop for the first time and steps out into the big bad world.

But it’ll be back in a month or two for a good scrub down, change of clothes and a haircut before I send it out again for an actual, paid editor to review.

Suppose I better start thinking about Novel 4?