Short Story Published!

Holy crap! Hell must have frozen over, eskimo’s must be buying ice AND arabs must be buying sand plus other such impossibilities because one of my short stories is actually getting published.

Spikethecat had a competition called ‘The Last Laugh‘ so I submitted my story ‘The Lost Journeyman’. Recently I got an email saying it had been chosen to be published in ‘The Last Laugh’ anthology, along with 11 others.

In the top right of the site I’ve written ‘unpublished’, so I’ll cross that out as soon as I have a hard copy or ebook in my grubby little hands.  One down, two to go.

So until then, let’s run some numbers.

All my writing has been rejected a total of 35 times, the 36th time this short story got accepted.  So 1 in 36 times I’m successful, which, if my maths serves me right, means I’m batting 0.027, not major league.

It also means I’m accepted 2.7% of the time, which means I’m doing better than being rejected 99% of the time.

Thank you cold, hard maths for providing me with a warm embrace.

I’ll let you know when this anthology is available to buy.

Update 21st Sept. 2010: The anthology is now available, looky here.