Website Redesign

In between drafts of ‘The Message’, with nothing else to write, I decided to redesign my website as it’s about 10 years old and looks it.

I stuck with WordPress but decided against designing one from the ground up and go with a theme. After a lot of research I went with ‘Deppo‘ from ‘Theme Kingdom‘.

Now I have a couple of books to showcase I wanted a design that would bring these to the forefront more and also make the site look less like a ‘blog’.

The theme is pretty easy to configure and the support from Theme Kingdom has been amazing as I came across a few, mainly CSS issues when redesigning the base design, which they managed to provide solutions for really quickly. So I would highly recommend them.

A theme can restrict you a bit, for example, I’d like to have the ‘latest post’ somewhere on the home page as it’s kinda hidden, but there’s no easy way of doing it and I can’t be arsed to get stuck into the code to make it happen because then you’re also leaving yourself open to heartache when the theme has an update.

The advantage with a theme is that it has been designed by a designer with a lot more skill and knowledge than yourself, so it takes all of that out of your hands which is great. I’m not a designer. I have no pretence to knowing anything about design – which is probably something you can guess having seen my changes compared to the demo version!