I thought I’d get involved in Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction competition, 100 words on the theme ‘revenge’. Editing this to the bare bones to meet the word count proved harder than vomitting forth the first draft, so here it is…

Mr Kingston sat coiled in his chair, scrutinising Mr Harris at the podium,

“Thank you, Headmaster. As new Head of History…”

The hall doors opened. Mr Kingston’s head remained fixed as his periphery vision investigated approaching footsteps.

“…ahem. History has a way of revealing…”

Two policemen sailed in; one remaining by the stage, the other conferring with the headmaster. Whispering pupils left in their wake.

The headmaster interrupted the coronation, “Thank you, calm down. Mr Harris, if you’d follow the sergeant, I’ll finish assembly.”

Mr Kingston chewed on a sneer.

“Sir, what’s happening?”

“Shut up, Jenkins.”