Some of my writing playlists

I haven’t blogged for a month because I’ve been busy writing and  planning the remainder of the novel.  I’ve started Chapter 17 and sketched out all the chapters up to the end, Chapter 23. A huge sigh of relief, and in my post-coital bliss I thought I’d post the playlists I write to.

I say ‘write’ because in my recent planning stage I needed silence so I could hold multiple chapters, storylines, arcs, characters, twists and turns in my mind without being distracted by a clever lyric, consumed by a deep bassline or led astray by a beautiful melody.

All these tunes are from the electronica, chill-out, ambient school of thought.  Lyricless mainly, but there are exceptions.

Here’s the links to the playlists (here & here)but after submitting them to iTunes, only about 4 tunes from each list is available at iTunes, so if you want the rest you’ll have to go hunting.

Music To Write With

An unoriginal name but it does the job.  I first put this together when writing ‘Railroaded’.  There is one free track from this list you can get, Stockfinster – ‘Why are you so happy?’.  In fact, you’d be doing yourself a huge injustice if you didn’t download all three of his albums.

Broken Records

Wanting a change from the above when starting ‘Broken Branches’, I put this together.

I’ve got another one which is all deep house/trance music but it’s been sliced and spliced from various podcasts with the help of Audacity so the playlist info makes no sense in terms of artist and track.  However, the music podcasts I listen to are;

  • Ambient Falls – stopped but there’s quality in dem archives.
  • Deep House Cat – probably my fav, kicking basslines ’til da break of dawn.
  • Deeper Shades of House – a couple of podcasts a week filled with deep house and it’s variations.
  • IAX – electro house which can be hit and miss but when it hits, it scores big.
  • Housetrap – delivering house to your house twice a month.
  • Lee & Slater – more of your uplifting, progressive big club house.
  • Push The Night – a variety of house; techno, progressive and semi-detached.
  • Spacemusic – the Daddy of ambient.

If you’ve got any recommendations of tunes, artists or podcasts related to the above, then post them below.