Are you ready to publish your novel?

There’s a wave of graphic/information geeks out there who are making seemingly boring data look attractive via the medium of flow-charts, graphs, pie-charts, etc.

Information is Beautiful is the best known site featuring loads of ‘Infographics’.

Charting The Beatles is a great one charting the lyrics and songs of The Beatles.

GraphJam contains loads of funny and inane ‘infographs’.

So it was only a matter of time before the multitudes and reems of writing books could be condensed into one simple flow-chart poster.  Anna Hurley has done all the hard work over at her blog, plus the full size poster is for sale so you can stick it above your laptop and get on with things.

This isn’t a guide on how to write a novel from scratch, but how to edit it so it’s ready for publication.  The future of agent rejection letters and emails may simply feature a print out of this poster.

I’m now off to add a dinosaur into my novel.