Railroaded is Mundane!


I’m a science fiction fan but not a die-hard nerd so I had never heard of the sub-genre of ‘Mundane Science Fiction’.

Probably not a positively eye-catching sub-genre on the face of it but the idea behind it is it only uses science and technology that is either acheivable or extremely, very nearly acheivable.

I like this idea.

Spaceships, aliens, living on other planets, sentient robots, time-travel, etc are all sci-fi mainstays but they’re also way, way, way into the future…and that’s if they’re actually physically possible.

Mundane Sci-Fi deals in facts and near future, Earth based science fiction.  The wikipedia page is good, listing a few ‘laws’ of mundane sci-fi.

There’s also a great blog, Mundane-SF that keeps you updated with non-lightspeed based science fiction.  On that site I found this speech which is a great intro into mundane science fiction – ‘Take the Third Star on the Left and on til Morning!’ by Geoff Ryman

Railroaded is near future based in 2066 and I consciously stayed away from flamboyant flights of fancy and extrapolated every piece of technology on something existing today.  I found it keeps the story more believable, helps shape it more realistically and therefore makes it better alround.

So I think I’d firmly place my sci-fi scribblings into the mudane category…you know, unless I think of a really great way to execute the aliens escaping from robots through wormholes idea.