‘Exstrange’ Info With Your Mobile Device

bump-appIn Railroaded I thought of an easy way people could exchange personal information with mobile phones.

The other day I came across the ‘Bump‘ iphone app that now does exactly that.  Instead of pressing a button you simply turn the app on and ‘bump’ the phones together.

I admit their execution is better but I still prefer my name for it!

Just downloaded it onto my iPhone, now I just need to find a willing victim to bump with…I mean ‘exstrange’ with.

Mr Salmon Rushdie uses it and say it’s his favourite app, maybe that’s how he pulls all those good-looking, tall women?

Below is the relevant bit from Railroaded, Chapter 1

“Look I’m getting confused here. Things aren’t adding up. Why don’t we ‘exstrange info’ then we can see where we are.”

‘Exstrange Info’ was a term used to exchange personal information on mobile devices. Each person would hold their mobile device close to each other; press a button at the same time for one second and all relevant information would be stored in each other’s mobile device, therefore rendering each other ‘ex-strangers’.

Isaac apologised and said he didn’t have a mobile device.