My First Rejection!

be-gone-loserJust before I left for work I saw a London postmarked envelope that didn’t appear to be a bill, so I opened it.

Only my first rejection!  I’m so chuffed!

OK, I’m gutted that they didn’t say yes but you gotta take positives from it.

  1. The submission found its way to the correct person.
  2. I got an answer in less than a week!  (That could be construed as a bad thing, but I ain’t even going there).
  3. The submission was deemed worthy enough to actually respond to.
  4. Even though I guess 70% of the letter was part of a form letter, he did actually say ‘the premise was interesting‘ and that ‘you write very well‘.  I’ll take those comments at face value and deposit them in the old ego bank.
  5. I spotted an error in the letter, it’s missing the word ‘with‘ in the second sentence (if you’re reading this).  Spelling Nazis ftw!

I’m not going to put the letter up or say who it is as I haven’t asked permission, but it was a very nice rejection letter.  I’m sure this guy’s ex-girlfriends have been dumped very kindly, maybe over dinner whilst he tenderly held their hand and let a tear form in the candlelight.

Of course, after the 57th rejection letter I probably won’t be feeling so forgiving but my first time has been a pleasant one.

Onwards and upwards.  I’m going to have 5 submissions on the go at any one time, so that’s one crossed off the list, time to get another one sent out tomorrow.