Broken Branches

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Your status in society depends on the purity of your genes.

All men are sterile. Fertility drugs are given only to couples whose genetic matches are approved. Those without a family history to prove their genetic heritage are outcast from society.

Grace is a broken branch. As an orphan, she has no link to The National Family Tree, so she and her husband, Tom, are ecstatic when they’re approved to have a baby. But that was the easy part. Grace’s twin brother inadvertently gets a girl pregnant after a one-night stand, and his girlfriend isn’t happy because it should’ve been her. Both sets of parents soon become the target of a violent terrorist group that advocates genetic purity. To make matters worse, there’s something strange about the unborn children that’s attracting government attention …


The ebook version of ‘Broken Branches’ is available on Amazon for around £3/$3.

The paperback version of ‘Broken Branches’ is available on Amazon for around £9/$12


English language only.


‘Ben Ellis has written a dystopian story about a society that values breeding and DNA above all else. Worryingly, this could be true in some form in the future. He has taken a very touchy subject and written a thought-provoking story. What I liked about this book was the way that Ellis created his storyline, it is fluent and flows with great ease throughout, it’s not difficult to follow. There are characters to root for and some to hate.’

‘Broken Branches is an imaginative, interesting story that raises some genuine concerns about the future of this country. A timely, entertaining book that I sincererly hope remains fiction.’

‘There are lots of things I like about this book. ‘Broken Branches’ is a serious book with a serious writing style. The pace of the story is good. ‘Broken Branches’ is well worth reading. I shall end this review pretty much as I ended the review for his first book, ‘Broken Branches’ was a very enjoyable read and I’ll keep a look out for yet more work from Ben Ellis.’


‘The story was interesting and piqued my curiosity, getting me thinking about how scientific advancements and government interference, can shape our future.’

‘All in all, though, the book is a great read full of rich scenarios and characters that that you can root for and hate, hope for and abandon. It is a well-executed attempt at near future dystopia that reads quite cinematically and would lend itself well to a visual medium. A fantastic book that was possibly a few pages of deeper detail away from being perfect.’