Mid-novel crisis – Need a convertible and leather trousers

The writing hasn’t begun again because the ideas I’ve got for this ‘near future society’ needs to be hammered out.  I’m trying to keep things simple but this one difference has knock-on effects which need to make sense for the whole point of the book to be understood.

I’ve changed how I’m going to start about 5 times, however this latest version seems like it’ll stick around.

I’m not completely starting from scratch like my previous, panicked post may have alluded too but I have had to give myself and the first draft a severe kick up the arse.

A lot of advice says forget about editing your first draft and just keep going until the end but there does come a time when you may have written yourself into a corner and you need to backtrack.  I ended up backtracking all the way to the start.

This is probably why the above advice is so good.

I’m not panicking.  The experience of writing my first novel has stood me in good stead.  It’s not a case of if I’ll finish, but let’s get this done properly and not limp to an unsatisfactory finish.

I’m confident I’ll crack open the laptop again this weekend and get a few chapters done and be on my way.

I’m hiring a ghostwriter for the next novel though.