Railroaded Wordle Word Cloud


Well, Max Barry did a word cloud for his online novel ‘Machine Man’ so I thought I’d try the same with ‘Railroaded’…takes my mind off rejections anyway.

Using the online service at Wordle you can easily create your own, my one above is also live on their public gallery here.

Quite interesting; Isaac, Amy and Poppy are the main characters, Gerard, Estelle and Julius are other characters.  I seem to use the word ‘one‘ quite a lot, I can’t remember why though.

I also use the words ‘looked‘ and ‘back‘ quite a lot, which makes more sense as Isaac, Amy and Poppy are on the run most of the time and always ‘looking back’.  Maybe I should find other ways to say ‘looked back’ though…’turned behind them?’…no.

I use ‘father‘ more than ‘mother‘.  I use ‘Yes‘ and ‘Yeah‘ much more than ‘No‘.  I use ‘DNA‘ more than ‘Chair‘, which makes sense as DNA is a theme and the characters don’t have much time to sit down.

Now I’ve looked at it for a bit, I’m not sure what it really tells you.  I suppose you only have to worry when words such as ‘Once upon a time‘ or ‘It was all a dream‘ show up larger than most.