Novel 2: The Absolute Beginning.

This week I cracked open a brand new notebook and started writing a few notes which will hopefully grow into my second novel.

I’ve had the beginnings of an idea for a while and kept it on Gas Mark 5 in the back of my mind but thought I should concretely start writing as soon as my New Year hangover subsides.

I’m determined that this second one will benefit from the knowledge and confidence that I’ve been through this process already, mainly, I want to finish the first draft much quicker, hopefully by the end of 2010.

I also don’t want to write a sci-fi novel, which won’t be easy as the central theme is  based on a ‘sciencey’ idea.  My note taking always seems to diverge into science, social and political ideas but that’s OK, I like to get an image of the world solid in my head but not make it the focus of the book.

It’s not going to be set in the future but an alternate today.  I dabbled with time travel but it just does my head in after a while. No aliens, spaceships or any of that malarkey.

The main character is going to be a guy in his thirties.  It’s going to be based on people and relationships, I’d also like to make it more lighthearted and humourous.

It’s not going to be a comment on the world today or predictions on the future.  It’s going to be a self-contained jolly romp!  (Did I seriously just say that?!)

Imagine if Mike Gayle was bequeathed a story idea by Arthur.C.Clarke – I’m going for the poor, slightly simpleton relation of that.

If a book is your baby then I’m at the stage where I’m looking for a potential mate to procreate with.  Getting all these ideas out on the page and looking for any gold amongst the crap is like looking for the right girl to actually ask out…exciting, daunting, challenging but at least I won’t get a drink poured over me…or will I?!