Past Reads

Here’s a list of all the books I’ve read since I started this blog in August 2009. Partly because my memory fails me and also through an OCD need to record what I’ve read so when I look at my bookshelf I don’t start reading one I’ve already finished.

But if I’ve completely forgotton it, I suppose that doesn’t really matter.

So this list is to help stop me reading the same book over and over, in a Memento stylee.

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it was ok
Jean loves the desert. He went to America and loved the desert. He liked California too, probably because it has a desert.

Station Eleven
liked it
1st half was slow, 2nd half was picked up and really enjoyable.

Can We Play You Every Week
it was ok
Dated (2008), some facts blatantly wrong (Cleveland Cowboys) and no heart. A flat nil-nil draw on a Feb Tuesday night at Stoke.

Ancillary Justice
did not like it
Read 4 chapters and couldn’t tell you one interesting thing that happened. A bunch of names, some language worries about gender and not much else.

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