Networking. Do I have to?!

Featured in a recent tweet from @kerrynlaws was a link to this article ‘“A Right Fit”: Navigating the World of Literary Agents‘ which highlighted the need to visit conferences and actually get networking. Coincidently, only a day later, I listened to this podcast by Joanna Penn interviewing CJ Lyons who essentially said the same thing. Both

MOAppsWrite – Mac Writing Software

Man! Am I the laziest blogger ever?! Been writing a short story, ‘Branching Out’ which is a prequel to my second novel ‘Broken Branches’. Originally thought it would be 2,000/3,000 words, so far I’m on 8,500 and it’ll clear 10,000 easy (which classifies it as a ‘Novelette‘, apparently). Also, between the last post and the

‘Clarity is Strength, Understanding is Peace, Humbug is Ignorance.’

I recently read ‘Why I Write‘ by George Orwell and within the essay ‘Politics and the English Language’ lie the ‘writing rules’ sometimes quoted on Twitter and elsewhere online. It’s an interesting essay where he points out that jargon, unoriginal metaphors, padding and ‘humbug’ are used increasingly in politics and creeping into other literary arena’s.

Writing ‘The End’ is my motivation.

@iainbroome posed the tweet; About to record WfYL podcast. Quick poll: what motivates you to write? I replied; Finishing something I created. Finishing is what really gets me on the laptop and hitting those keys.  I could think about ideas and story-lines all day without lifting a finger but compiling all those ideas and story-lines into some kind