I’m just throwing this out there. It’s an idea to be bashed, smashed and totally trashed.

I’m starting the submission process for my second novel, the first novel became a magnet for rejections. I did get a couple of requests for the full MS, one of which was rejected, the other is probably lost by now.

So what was wrong? I have no idea. Could’ve been the cover letter, the synopsis, the first 3 chapters, the first 6 chapters, no market for it, a similar novel was already being progressed, the novel was OK it was me…I’ve no idea.

I appreciate every rejection I’ve received…and continue to receive. They’re better than being ignored.

In this post-Simon Cowell world, I can take rejection and a middle finger into an eyeball. In fact, I invite it – I stepped out of the peace and quiet of my own little bubble and put my novel out there!

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