I’ve just dished out my novelette, ‘Branching Out’, to some beta readers and will be starting the 4th draft of my 2nd novel, ‘Broken Branches’ which means soon I will have nothing else to write about, so now’s a good time to think about starting a 3rd novel.

I was in this position in November 2009 when I had a vague idea of what to write for my 2nd novel…even though it turned out different, I still had a starting point.

This time I have nothing.

Well, not completely zilch. A theme I’m interested in is the distribution of wealth after the financial crash, Occupy, 99%, MP’s expenses, lobbying, etc, etc. This theme in itself doesn’t make for an interesting story but it’s a starting point for imaging a world and placing characters in it.

I think the hard part is thinking of a hook for a story. Picking a theme you’re interested in is easy enough but finding a story within that theme and telling it from an interesting angle with compelling characters driving the story down a road with surprising twists to a satisfactory destination is another ball game.

That’s when I thought about cheating : )

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December 13, 2011

I’m a grown man and I’ve just spent time cutting out teeth to create this photo of a laptop eating an iPad.

I need to get a life.

Anyway, writing machines, which is best?

I love both and I did give my iPad an honest go of being my go-to scribing tablet but it didn’t quite cut the mustard.

It has no keyboard, so I bought an external one. That does improve things but my main issue was the lack of cursor. Touching the screen to direct the cursor meant my fingers weren’t near the keyboard which was a little weird. Using the arrow keys is another solution but a very clicky one especially if you’ve got to go back a few paragraphs and delete a sentence.

An external keyboard also means your singular, sleek slice of serenity is now a two-piece. If I wanted a two-piece I’d grab a notebook and pen. I’m too high-tec for that kind of malarkey.

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