I’m in that sweet spot situated between completing the first draft of my second novel and giving it some breathing room before I go back and see if it’s complete jibberish or not for the second draft.

I’m choosing to think positive thoughts at the moment…la, la, la!

In trying to clear my mind of the second novel, I’m drawn back to my first novel.  I’ve been punting it around with the occasional tyre kicker taking an interest but nothing concrete is happening.

I’m still happy with it but I’m wondering if it needs another going over again, especially now I have more experience and more time now.  Although there’s a new pressure, is it as good as the second one?

If not, I should go back to it.

If it is, have I learnt nothing?

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I’m thinking ahead here but I’m going to be wanting some first readers in a few months (I’m pencilling in Easter) but where do they live?

For my first novel, Railroaded, I printed out ten copies of the third draft and handed it out to people; My Mum, Dad, three friends, a daughter of a work colleague who ran a small reading group, an ex-girlfriend and a local activist I found on the internet!

Yeah, that’s right, only 8.  I’ve still got 2 copies sitting here because I really couldn’t find anyone else.

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In the early hours of Wednesday I finished the first draft of ‘Broken Branches’, stubbornly sitting up in bed determined to complete it.

I gave myself the deadline of 31st December 2010 to finish the novel, having started on 1st Jan 2010, I failed by 5 days but, to be honest, I’m well pleased because I didn’t pull my finger out of my over-preparing arse until about May plus I had a meltdown sometime in August.

Still, I beat the 18 months it took to write the first draft of my first novel ‘Railroaded’, so either I’m getting better and more efficient, or I’m just a more bloody-minded hermit than before.

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