My Alterego: Ben Cory Wodehouse

Came across the site I Write Like which compares your own writing with more esteemed writers.

I uploaded the first 3 chapters of Railroaded and IWL said I write like Cory Doctorow.

I then uploaded the first 3 chapters of my WIP and IWL says I write like P.G.Wodehouse.

I’ve never read either of these writers but I know a little about each one and it seems a pretty good mix.

Naturally, I thought what would a mixture of Ben Ellis, Cory Doctorow and P.G.Wodehouse look like?

I went to MorphThing and mixed up these great writers.

What a strange looking fellow…but what a writer!

Mid-novel crisis – Need a convertible and leather trousers

The writing hasn’t begun again because the ideas I’ve got for this ‘near future society’ needs to be hammered out.  I’m trying to keep things simple but this one difference has knock-on effects which need to make sense for the whole point of the book to be understood.

I’ve changed how I’m going to start about 5 times, however this latest version seems like it’ll stick around.

I’m not completely starting from scratch like my previous, panicked post may have alluded too but I have had to give myself and the first draft a severe kick up the arse.

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New novel binned, starting again

It may seem like a tough decision to pull the plug on a novel 7 chapters (14,600 words) long but since I first thought about scrapping it and having slept on it, it seems like the best thing to do.

The problem wasn’t the themes or ideas, it was the approach I took with the characters I chose.  My main problem was the number of protagonists.  I chose triplets, so you got three people plus their significant others and friends, their work mates and quickly the number grows.  Then you’ve got to have an antagonist or two plus other bit players, and the number got so unwieldy that I couldn’t keep track and characters were being writing about so infrequently that the whole novel had no pace or manageable structure.  The ideas were spread so thin that no-one had any solid motivation and it all ended up in a contrived mess.

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