Railroaded: Chapter 3

Here’s the third chapter of my novel, Railroaded, which means the first three chapters are now online, the requirement of most literary agents. So now you can read the opening to this novel, put yourself in an agent’s position…and send me a rejection. I’m blaming the cover letter at the moment. You can read the

Any start is better than no start at all

I’ve finished the first chapter of my second novel and I’ve also got a title for it. All this has happened in a couple of weeks and the first three chapter plan I had before starting has totally been thrown out of the window. One of Elmore Leonard’s writing tips was ‘Do give the work

Short Story Published!

Holy crap! Hell must have frozen over, eskimo’s must be buying ice AND arabs must be buying sand plus other such impossibilities because one of my short stories is actually getting published. Spikethecat had a competition called ‘The Last Laugh‘ so I submitted my story ‘The Lost Journeyman’. Recently I got an email saying it

Second Novel Finally Started!

Four months late but I finally cracked open the laptop and fired up Word, created a new file and wrote ‘Chapter 1’. I don’t have a title which is annoying as the file is saved as ‘Novel 2 – 1st Draft’ but it’s better than no file at all. I have a basic idea, plenty